The New Photobooth

I have a wedding trend prognostication!

While the U.S. version of Hole in the Wall only aired a few episodes (silly FOX!), I think there is an untapped market for “human tetris.”

Indie weddings!

Can’t you just imagine guests bending just so to fit through holes in the shapes of various types of moustaches?  And if they fail, they’ll fall into a pool of mint-infused elderberry punch.

I’m not teasing! If I had endless funds and god-like powers, I would actually want that at my wedding.

This post brought to you by Cold Medicine and the Letter W.


4 responses to “The New Photobooth

  1. i just found your blog through another damn wedding’s and this is so ridiculously awesome. I saw this show once and couldn’t believe it was happening. I love picturing a certain obnoxious relative trying to do hole in the wall

  2. Ahahaha!! omg, I can’t stop laughing! That would be so ridiculous and indie-awesome! Especially the fact that the shapes would be mustachios!

  3. p.s. the best part of this show might be the girl announcer who has no concept whatsoever of an inside voice

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