Our Wedding Loses

I know.  I’ve heard it before:  my wedding is not a contest. I will try hard not to think about it that way.

But seriously, WE LOSE.   Because some bride and groom, somewhere in Australia, bumped into Lady Gaga at the hotel where they were having their reception.  And Lady Gaga took some pictures with them!

And then she paid for a round of drinks! And as she departed, she wished the bride and groom “have good sex!”

So I don’t care if it isn’t a contest, we nevertheless lose.  You do too.  Every wedding loses, I think, until Ms. Germanotta’s own Monster Nuptials.  Because that will be Some Wedding.


7 responses to “Our Wedding Loses

  1. that is so great! I think I read a while ago about The Cure being at a hotel where a wedding was happening and they accidentally crashed it and then they stayed a little while.

  2. I am currently crying into the drink Lady Gaga will never buy us for our wedding.

  3. I’m trying to imagine what Gaga would wear to her own wedding… the mind boggles.

  4. what?! that is insane. I must admit I’m scared of her, she is too crazy pants (or lack thereof) for me to comprehend.

  5. This is unrelated (but related). I created an RSS feed of this blog so that I can read it in my LJ friend feed. Here is the URL in case you want to share it with those you know still use LJ. It can take a day or two to catch up to all the posts.


    And I agree, we lose by the pure winningness of that story!

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