(No) Movie Review: Taking Requests

Because of finals, I don’t have time to indulge in my weekly ritual of watching a wedding movie and blogging about it.

Instead, I will take a moment to solicit suggestions for wedding movies to watch and review.  Please comment with your favorite wedding movies, or better yet, wedding movies you hated and want to read me make fun of.

Thus far I have reviewed Made of Honor, Bride Wars, The Wedding Planner, Rachel Getting Married, The Wedding Singer, and Confetti.

Thanks for your input!


19 responses to “(No) Movie Review: Taking Requests

  1. My Big Fat Greek Wedding and My Best Friend’s Wedding are two of my favorite wedding-themed movies of all time.

    • My Best Friend’s Wedding conveniently came in the same DVD combo pack as The Wedding Planner, so it is in the queue. I have been waiting because it has the exact same plot as Made of Honor (executed better) and I don’t want to be redundant.

  2. What about Wedding Crashers or The Wedding Date? You could go old school with either the original Spencer Tracy version or the Steve Martin remake of Father of the Bride.

    • I was actually planning on doing a Father of the Bride double feature after writing up that Folgers commercial, but then I realized I don’t have time for one movie, much less two. Thanks for your suggestions!

  3. Do they have to be movies whose main driving force is a wedding? For instance, there is a wedding scene in Love Actually. Which is of course an epic film.

    • Josh, you don’t want me to review Love Actually. Remember when we almost stopped being friends over (500) Days of Summer? Let’s not revisit that challenge.

  4. 27 Dresses – I confess that my friend and I rented it from iTunes and watched it one evening and when we got up the next day decided to watch it again. Yeah.

    • I watched 27 Dresses with my sister during her wedding planning last year, and I found it surprisingly delightful! Plus I suspect it would make a good drinking game… (plots).

      • Kate Hess exploded at how bad this movie was (I disagreed). I think mainly she had a problem with (and I completely agree) so much of the movie revolving around this guy being the DUMPY “always a bridesmaid sister.

        Because she’s SORT OF brunette?

  5. Father of the Bride makes me want to barf. Discuss.

    • But the spiraling expense of weddings! The loss of your little girls’ innocence! Gay wedding planners! It’s all such a delightful farce!

      Sorry to aggravate your stomach problems, there.

  6. 4 Weddings and a Funeral, duh.

    Muriel’s Wedding (to date, still the most unbelievable “holy GOD this is not at all what I thought it was going to be, due to previews and/or categorization within the Video Store” movie for me)

    The Graduate?

    the episode of Full House where Aunt Becky and Uncle Jesse get married.

    • 4 Weddings and a Funeral, totes def. Probably save it for right after someone dies, because I am morbid like that.

      I am kind of afraid to watch Muriel’s Wedding again.

      I will totally watch that episode of Full House. I also want to watch the Saved by the Bell Wedding in Las Vegas.

  7. It’s not a movie, but cou could review Lily and Marshall’s three weddings?

  8. The Father of the Bride is one of my favorite wedding movies. When I was 6 I wanted my wedding dress to look just like Annie’s. I can say with confidence that I no longer wish for that look. puffy sleeves are not my thing.

    And second for 4 Weddings and a Funeral!

    • Hi Kayleigh! All I really remember about Annie’s wedding ensemble is that she wore tennis shoes with her dress.

      I will totally review that movie but I’m going to lay a feminist smack down on it, so you might want to hide your childhood.

  9. I was raised in a feminist household, so if anything, it will affirm my childhood. can’t wait to read it!

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