Cool(Kid) Weddings

My friend Abby alerted me that Pittsburgh will have its very own “alternative, indie bridal show” next month, Hand(made) in Marriage. Featuring the most twee and confusing parentheses since (500) Days of Summer!

I guess I’m not spending enough time in Lawrenceville, because I had no idea that Pittsburgh was “with it” enough to warrant its own hipster bridal show.  I want to go to the event just to see if it really is populated by cool kids or if there are mainly other poseurs like me.

If I leave doubting myself for being too un-crafty to design our own invites and too poor to pay a local vendor to do it for us, well, that’s the cost of investigation.  I need to know if Pittsburgh is secretly full of hep cats about to get married.  I’ll deal with any feelings of inadequacy when the time comes.

I need to get better a not second-guessing our wedding choices anyway.


2 responses to “Cool(Kid) Weddings

  1. I don’t appreciate the tone you use in reference to (500) Days of Summer, which we all know is one of the best movies ever.

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