Outside the Bubble

I stopped into Michael’s today and picked up a Finding Nemo bath toy with foam noodle as per Sarah’s indispensable instructions for creating a brooch bouquet.  I also picked up some needle nose pliers.

While waiting in line, I noticed the cashier had an engagement ring.  I got really excited.  She’s going to know exactly why I am buying this Finding Nemo toy!

I got to the front of the line.  I handed over my supplies with anticipation.  I was about to experience some real-world bride-to-be bonding.

The cashier scanned the noodle.  I held my breath.  “Hey,” she said.

“Hey!” I said, as though greeting an old friend.

“I think this one is broken.”  She pointed to the Nemo part of the toy.  It was coming off the tubing.

My face fell.  “Oh.”

She tried to reassure me.  “There are lots more back there.”

“No, uh… it’s ok.  I’m really just buying it for the foam noodle part?”

“Oh, ok.”  And that was that.  She dropped the noodle into a plastic bag and asked for my zip code.

Lesson: not everyone is in the wedding blog bubble.  [Which is too bad for everyone.]


5 responses to “Outside the Bubble

  1. Aw! Yea sometimes it’s a little weird. I keep sending my friends the fabulous posts I find in the weddin blog scene and only a few of them appreciate the humor and honesty…

    On the flip side I once another engaged woman tell me he oher day, “just google ‘diy weddings’ and there are soooooooo many things out there.” I thought it was kinda funny.

  2. Hahaha! I was about to joke about the “run” on bath noodles from the 12 people who read my blog regularly until I realized that you linked to the OBB post.

    I think the Blog Bubble may be why my mom doesn’t seem to understand what we’re doing with the wedding.

  3. On the other hand, it took a clerk at Whole Foods to finally explain to me why people aren’t supposed to say “congratulations” to the bride. So some of them ARE in the Emily Post bubble.

  4. ha ha I agree too bad for them! I think that way too, as if everyone knows whats going on with me and am shocked when they are not thinking of similar things. I’m excited for the wedding but mostly excited to be married and actually spent time thinking about other things too 🙂

  5. That bouquet totally looks like a flower Katamari!

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