Crunch Times

I have been reading a lot of posts that go, “there are [small number] of days until my wedding! I have [long list] of things to do! SWEET MOTHER OF EVERYTHING HOLY!”

I relate, even though my wedding is [big number] of days away.  This is because the bar exam is in two weeks.

[E. of Wedding for Two is in both camps! Brave girl.]

I REALLY hope the wedding ends up being less stressful than the bar exam.  Because I want people to like me on the day I get married, and I’ve been a raging bitch.  And I’d like to look pretty on the day I get married, and my skin is red, my eyes are puffy, and, no exaggeration, I discover new gray hairs every day.  Plus I don’t want to drop dead from a stroke between today and one year, two days from now.

I think, I hope, that it will be easier.  Because the check box for “Wrap gifts for bridal attendants” is probably more fun than the check box for  “Review Conflict of Laws.”1 Plus my family will be here, and I’m one of those lucky bastards who generally finds that a relief from stress instead of a stressor.  Also Collin, who’s away this week for a science fair.2

So if it is quiet on this blog the next two weeks, it’s because I’m busy trying to become a lawyer.  If it isn’t quiet, well, maybe I’ll be writing this post again in February of 2011.  Shudder.

1Even though Conflict of Laws was one of my favorite classes, because I’m a procedure dork.  Brainerd Currie was once dean of my law school.  He at one point suggested that choice of law between two states should be based on which is first alphabetically.  He might have been kidding, because he’s a card like that.

2I think he calls it an “academic conference” or a “symposium” or some such, but as far as I’m concerned he’s in a gym looking at model volcanoes.


14 responses to “Crunch Times

  1. Your post kind of pumps me up. I’ve never seen any of the Rocky movies, but I imagine that the next two weeks for you will involve lots of hard core studying, high fiving, Eye of the Tiger, and plenty of cool montages. I hope your two week study montage ends with a freeze frame of you jumping high into the air with your fist held high celebrating your victory.

    You will pwn the bar exam.


    • I have a study playlist that does indeed include Eye of the Tiger, but the song I listen to the most when I need to be pumped up is Never Say Never by Justin Bieber feat. Jaden Smith.

      This should make everyone understand why we are definitely not going to be making our own reception playlist.

  2. Is there some correlation between having a wedding blog and becoming a lawyer!? So many of you are crazy and studying for the bar while planning a wedding.

    I’m all WAAAA life is hard cuz I’m BUSY! I have to make POM POMS!! WAA! And ya’ll are busting you butts to become lawyers.

    A lot of my stress is cuz I’m a procrastinator and this is definitely not a situation I want to end up doing lots of last minute shit and running around spewing bridezilla flames. I want the last week before the wedding to include very few items on the to do list! *crosses fingers*

    and I think Angie is right – Eye of the Tiger and pwnage. Good luck!

    • I read a lot of blogs, wedding and non-wedding, by lawyers/wannabe lawyers. I assume there is selection bias going on. But I also think that after being constrained by legal writing’s terseness and formality, a lot of lawyers and law students really need a free-form writing outlet.

      Good luck to YOU as well. Pom pon construction is hard.

  3. Okay, first of all, for Contracts, the rule is this. Damages in Contracts are intended to put the wronged party where he would have been but for the breach. They are never punitive [unless there is also a tort claim, such as fraud].

    So, if the homeowner would have had a roof but the roofer breached, and the homeowner had to pay an extra $5,000 to get a roof, his damages are $5,000. If there was a massive rainstorm and the breach of the roofer caused flooding in the house, you have consequential damages of the damage to the house.
    Did that help?

    Also, this morning I woke up to a breakout of zits ON MY NECK. How weird is that? Like, on the front of my neck. WTF? Let’s not even talk about the rest of my skin.

    Wedding planning is better. Because I promised myself that this would be the worst, hardest thing I ever had to do.

  4. I loved Conflicts of Law. My study group tried to solve a Conflicts puzzle before the exam and ended up with a giant wall-sized flow chart. We took the flow chart to one of our favorite professors to ask, and he laughed at us. Said if we got it down that far, he’d be inclined to give us the point.

    Supplies for your exam (besides the obvious, computer, power cord, pens and pencils):
    1. Ear plugs.
    2. Gum.
    3. Pillow to sit on.

    • I think a big part of the reason I loved Conflicts was that my study group was so awesome. We were all friends from first year. My future-brother-in-law was in there. It was a long evening class and we’d end up really punchy. One time a fact pattern included “Baby Julia died intestate” and we laughed so hard and so long we almost didn’t have time to work the problem.

      • “Baby Julia died intestate” is the kind of joke that makes the rest of the world think lawyers are boring and weird. I still laughed.

  5. Go study your lawyerly things. We’ll be cheering for you the whole time. And then we’ll get excited when you’re reading to talk about frivolity post-Bar. Because dang, frivolity is completely necessary after a full day of billable hours. (Maybe that’s why I like wedding planning? Whatever.) The fun is here when you’re ready for it again. And, in the meantime, GOOOOO BAR!

  6. My only suggestion for dealing with stuff like the bar exam (closest I came to something like that was finishing my thesis) was to allow yourself comfort food. It helped soothe my stress a lot.

    Good luck and I know you can hunker down and do it!

    • I may or may not have eaten ice cream for breakfast.
      I invoke my 5th amendment right against self incrimination as to the eating of the ice cream. Duly incorporated to the states through the 14th amendment. Which I always have, but only need to be warned about when I am in a custodial interrogation.
      I may or may not have also eaten half a can of cake frosting yesterday. It may or may not have been delicious. My dress is SO not fitting.

  7. good luck! good luck! good luck! you’ll rock the exam. most of my checklist is utter bullshit so keep that in mind too (lots of ‘call the hotel and make sure people booked their rooms’…no thanks, I’ll trust their judgement)

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