I Miss This

I miss my blog.  I miss reading other wedding blogs and not feeling like I’m stealing cookies from the cookie jar.   I miss being able to daydream about my wedding without having to subsequently smack myself in the face and say, “Focus, woman! What’s the test for adverse possession? Drop and give me twenty factors for distinguishing an employee from an independent contractor! New matter: what’s the standard for judgment on the pleadings!?”

I want to look at wedding dresses.  I want to get unreasonably grumpy over the emails I’ve consented to receive from The Knot.  I want to harass guests for their mailing addresses! I want to write potentially offensive posts about how lame I think pictures of shoes are!

Please remind me of this when the bar exam is behind me and the wedding is not even remotely over and I’m panicking over that nonsense instead.


9 responses to “I Miss This

  1. you’ll do great on the bar and then you can complain about shoes in no time! 🙂

  2. hahaha! i thought about this last night… when i’m married in three-point-five weeks will i miss all this shit?

    and i’m scared to admit, but i think i might.

    kick the bar’s arse and come back ready for wedding craziness!

  3. You are so close to done. Once you finish, you will ne’er want to move so you don’t have to take the test again.

  4. Almost bar time, then it’s post-bar celebration time, then it’s Oooh look at this new sparkly do-dad to put in my hair at the wedding time!

  5. play on your kazoo, blow some bubbles,study, smoosh silly putty on the comics page,play dress up with your teeny tiny moose in a raincoat, eat some candy,then study some more, squeeze the stress glow ball, kiss Collie, swing the ring of clacking plastic balls, dream a little wedding stuff, eat some cracker and cheese sandwiches, study again, squeeze the stress pop out eye doll while you are studying, write on your wedding blog, then you MUST study a little more, call Collin, study some more….this will all be over VERY soon…..play with your yoyo, learn a trick…study, stay centered ,do as best as you can…know you will ACE this @#@!#$%^&% test….and then it will be wedding wedding wedding wedding jewish stuff wedding wedding wedding!!!!
    ….and I love you to pieces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I was going to write something clever and supportive, but Viki blew me out of the water. Kudos, Viki. You win this round once again.

    But Robin, just so you know, good luck with that pesky bar thing and the legal shiz. We’ll be here waiting for you when you get back.

  7. Oh, we’ll still be here. And you’re going to rock this bar exam. Give yourself five minute breaks though for some of those things on Viki’s list, because that will keep you sane in the homestretch. Five minutes is manageable. And then you have months and months of time to have fun with wedding pretties and dresses and blogs. Break a leg!

  8. Mwahahaha “drop and give me twenty factors for determining whether an employee is an independent contractor!”
    Hire & fire, how much control the master has over the work of the employee, supervision, employment contractor…I’m out, I suppose I will simply have to apply the facts.

    There is a giant sign by my door that says “what is defamation?” and a note in my bathroom that says, “you must have STANDING to contest the search”.

    4 days…although as they tell us to relax about the bar, I go back to wedding stuff a bit.

    Adverse possession – OCEANS! Open, Continuous, Exclusive, Adverse, Notorious, and for the statutory period! I don’t know what Notorious means.

    • That’s what Notorious means.

      Actually, it means you’re using the property in such a way that other people could see it, and would think it was your property. Open and Notorious is really all one element.

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