Not Caring

The number of days until our wedding is longer than the human gestation period.

That means it is OK that I am totally disinterested in my wedding right now, right?

13 responses to “Not Caring

  1. I’m finding that there are a lot of “not caring” days with long engagements. There’s only so much wedding a brain can take when you have half the stuff on the checklist completed already.

    Though really, I should start caring about those save the dates about now. Oops.

  2. Yep. Did you check out today’s wedding graduate post at APW? She talked about using crafts to keep her sane/hands busy during the lulls. That’s been my strategy because otherwise it feels terribly and unnecessarily far away. But give yourself a huge project (fold and string 1,000 cranes) and suddenly, there’s no rush at all.

  3. Agreed. In the same situation, miss lady.

  4. I care not much for the wedding at the moment too. Need to get focussed and do stuff.

  5. My wedding is a month away and I still have “i don’t care” moments. So yes, completely okay.

  6. ha ha yes totally normal

  7. …….ok, already………i miss the blogs………..

  8. I finally snapped out of not caring to realize that the wedding is only three weeks away. But it’s okay, because I needed that break to really be able to savor the last three weeks of being engaged and planning. (What’s so great about it, you ask? Well, we keep getting really excited e-mails from our friends about how happy they are to come to the wedding, and that’s pretty awesome. Plus I got to buy a sparkley headband.) But yeah, it’s totally necessary to occasionally be not-that-into the wedding.

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