Wedding Dreams: Not Just for Neurotic Chicks

This morning, as I was only awake enough to roll toward and hum in response to Collin’s voice, Collin told me he dreamed about our wedding last night, and that it was nice. Then he ran five miles and I went back to sleep.

He came back and kissed me awake. I told him his kisses felt like acid. He told me that was just sweat. I told him to stop sweating acid.

“I dreamed about our wedding!”

“You told me.”

“It was so nice! You looked beautiful!”

“Thank you.” (I’m not sure why I thanked him for a compliment toward dream image of me, but erring on the side of politeness is never a bad idea.) “Did you like my dress?”

“Yes! It had gold things on the shoulders.”

“How did you KNOW?”

Anyway, I’m glad that y-chromes have wedding dreams too.  And I’m glad that not every wedding dream is along the lines of “I’m marrying the wrong person!” or “No one is here and the ceremony is about to start!” or “I can’t put my wedding band on my finger because my fingers are liquid!”

6 responses to “Wedding Dreams: Not Just for Neurotic Chicks

  1. …..he SO loves you……………………..

  2. Lol “how did you know?”

    So sweet to hear about his dream.

  3. Awww. Tony had a a wedding Freudian slip the other day (in a good way) that made me happy.

    And I love “How did you know?”

  4. My now husband had a dream a few weeks before our wedding in which my dress was entirely made of gold fabric, with a special emphasis on the shoulders. Freaky.
    Like you, I was thrilled when this happened to him. I like the idea of not being alone in the psychosis.

  5. how sweet! glad he had a dream that ended in happiness…it seems like 1/2 of my dreams are subtle, long-term happiness in marriage and the wedding is a slight piece of it. isaiah is always there and what not. the other half are terrible! glad you acknowledged those as well….otherwise i would just feel terrible for having them.

    it’s beautiful that he dreamed of your wedding!

  6. I have wedding dreams sometimes, and so far they’ve all been awesome. I imagine a stress dream may creep its way into my brain at some point. Perhaps tonight I’ll have nightmares about sweating acid.

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