More Engagement Photos

On Louis’ blog.

Plus, another of my personal favorites, featuring our competing takes on SexyFace:

[Buy the T-shirt]


17 responses to “More Engagement Photos

  1. LOVE the shirts. Seriously, amazing. Can’t wait to see more!

    (so I went and looked at more. Awesome! You two are super cute.)

  2. Truly adorable with a lot of personality.
    I lol’d at this: “we only, you know, need one picture”. Hahaha…sounds all too familiar. Sexy legs in the first pic!!

  3. Glad I got here kind of early so I’m not the 2432th person to say it, but it must be said. You two are neat-o.

  4. Robin, I hate to break it to you, but Collin’s SexyFace out-sexies yours, by a mile.

  5. Haha, I love the pic! And I love the shirts. Well done. How is life after law school? Please tell me it is better than life in law school.

    • It is better in some ways and worse in others. Better in that you don’t have to go to Barco every day. Worse in that you often find yourself thinking, “Wait, I went through law school for THIS?”

  6. Collin is really bringing sexy back! Hot!

  7. Holy schatz! Love them! Love the porta-john one!

  8. Ohhh I love the pictures. And the porta potty rules. Framer for sure.

  9. great faces & great shirts. more pictures, please!

  10. you guys look like a really fun couple.

    and i’m not just saying that. people have told us that before and i’ve been like, wtf is that supposed to mean? don’t they have something more creative to say?

    well fine. you guys look like really funny people who don’t take themselves too seriously and are quick to make really funny jokes that only slightly offend others. those are my kinda peeps.

    beautiful photos too. you guys are way cute.*

    *again, not just saying it.

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