Poll: Who’s on First

Folks, I am designing our save-the-dates! They are behind schedule! I need your help resolving a crucial question: WHOSE NAME GOES FIRST?


Thank you for voting!

8 responses to “Poll: Who’s on First

  1. Robin should go first, because if Collin goes first several syllables get eaten up in a “CollnRob”. The other way ensures the full pronunciation.

  2. I vote Robin and Collin for two reasons.

    If I hear the expression “X and Robin,” my brain retroactively assigns the value of “Batman” to X.

    “Callin’ and Robbin” sounds like the burglars from “Home Alone” checking to see if there’s anyone in the house.


  3. uh…..Collin and Robin…….or…..Robin and Collin………or no…..Nilloc and Nibor…..or Nibor dna Nilloc……..Crollin and Rcobin………however you put it…you two are one adorable couple that will never ,never ,ever ,ever ,never ever loose your individual identity or respect for one another…..I don’t think it matters….who would have thought?????

  4. We put ‘Viki and Paul’ just because its always me that sorts out cards, signs them and then leaves them out for him to sign!! So it’s kind of become habit for us to put our names in that order.

    I voted for Colin and Robin, because I think that sounds better, there is a lilt to it as you read it but having thought on it – I think that’s true either way around because the vowel sounds in both names are similar!

    Not being much help here am I?

  5. I voted for your name first! You are a Cuun. My Soup. My Slimp.

    However, if I had my way I’d just jumble our names together: Rconil & Nlib.

    My SORN!

    hearts and darts,


  6. More polls!!

    Jason’s comment is incredible. Also, he does make an excellent point re: Batman and Robin.

    Collin’s comment broke my brain, per usge.

    That said–Robin and Collin does flow a lot better. I could be biased b/c I’m used to saying it that way in my head as you are my primary friend unit. The votes don’t lie though. Viva democracy!

  7. I picked you! I like the sound of it. I did ‘Lisa and Ryan’ on ours too so maybe I am biased

  8. alos, you could always do some celebrity-esque mushing of names like ‘Rollin’

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