February 2011 Brides Magazine, by the Numbers

# pages: 422
# pages of advertising: 314
# pages of advertisements for bridal gowns: 189 1/3
# pages of editorial content focused on bridal gowns: 23
# images of bridal gowns in issue: 280
Total % pages in the issue pertaining to bridal gowns: 50.3%

Price per unit of the high-end invitation suite:$13
Price per unit of the low-end invitation suite: $2.28
Price per unit in our invitation budget (not including postage):$1.60

% of brides who do not get pre-wedding cosmetic procedures, based on quick glance at horribly designed pie chart on page 392:0%

Number of minutes the three scientists in my house have argued about how to interpret that chart: 14 and counting…


10 responses to “February 2011 Brides Magazine, by the Numbers

  1. I’d like to estimate % of surface area (excluding bridal gown pages) colored in some shade of pink: 70%

  2. You’ve got me mentally doing this to all the magazines I look at now!! 😉

    It’s not a bad thing, it makes me reconsider buying them 50% of the time. I’m lucky as a friend of mine who gets married in April has given me all her old magazines, and as I just want to cut things up for my scrapbook – this is a good result!

  3. I have spent more minutes than I care to admit trying to figure out the mathematical and scientific basis for that pie chart. How big was their bridal sample? Who was their “control”? What are the demographics of the participants (besides wealthy brides with too much time and money on their hands)?


    Also, that picture of the puffed-up lips grosses me out.

    • Yeah, I can’t figure it out. It’s also strange that they lumped so many procedures into “other,” from rhinoplasty to things I’ve never heard of (“Fraxel” and “Isolaz”)

  4. Hilarious! Terrifying! I love these posts of yours. Those invitation prices are outrageous, as is that absurd chart. Ohhh Brides.

  5. i don’t think this is the case, but I am picturing scientists at a cocktail party with the pie chart projected on the wall. also, at my fake party everyone is wearing lab coats and drinking wine.

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