Looking for a Pause Button

Time, you are a friggin’ jerk.  What with your progressing steadily, marching forth, carrying on.  Making the space between today and the wedding smaller and smaller.

Less than six months to go? NOT COOL, TIME. Not. Cool.

How is my list of undone wedding things supposed to keep up with your relentless pace?  It’s like you want me to be organized and dedicated and committed to planning my wedding.  I am only those things in cover letters! [Potential employers: I’m just kidding! As you know, I would never use such cliché descriptors in a cover letter.  Hire me! XOXO!]

Look, sometimes I have more important things to worry about than my wedding.  Sometimes I don’t have more important things to worry about, but whatever wedding task is at the top of my list is boring/frustrating/scary for me to take on right now.

Time, I’ve heard you wait for no one, but can you maybe make an exception? I’ll give you a plus one to my wedding! I know you’ve been looking for a chance to make the moves on Tide.

8 responses to “Looking for a Pause Button

  1. Oh girl, time being quick is good. You want to be married. It’s the best part!

    Do what you can but don’t stress. It’s just not worth it!

    (I know easier said than done!) Also everything seems easy in hindsight!

  2. I know exactly how you feel. I’m not making progress on this list but time marching on.

  3. Anna is right – it’ll soon be here and done and you’ll be breathing a sigh of relief! For now…good luck? lol

  4. Oh, geez. The pause button. What I wouldn’t give for a pause button. My back is killing me. I think it might be from folding 500 cranes in two weeks while also: making place cards, dessert table cards, several pieces of our invitations — why are there so many frigging pieces? — escort cards ….

    I have a love-hate relationship with our wedding. Currently, it’s killing me. And also, how did our 18-month “long” engagement turn into 6 months?

  5. I would kind of like a rewind button. I just wrote out 2011 on something and had a moment of panic – I’m not ready for it to be 2011. What happened to 2010? And how is it even 20-anything?!

    Six months sounds like a good long time until you get curious how many days that means, and its less than 175! Agh. One day at a time, things will get done, stress doesn’t help a thing and worrying is a waste!

  6. you are hilarious. i know the feeling…days keep morphing…weeks are jealous of months are really eager to copy and what not…it’s getting obnoxious. you’ll get everything done, no worries.

  7. You’re right! Where does it go?
    It’s now 6 months since I got engaged and 18 months until my wedding… We can still remember saying the wedding was 2 years off and not feeling like we had to think about it too much – now I’m stressed that I still don’t have a colour scheme\theme in mind!
    I hope time makes an exception for you, or at least, that you get more of your undone things done 🙂

  8. time is a jerk and always will be. it might not seem like it but you will get everything done. whatever you don’t get done you didn’t need to anyways. best of luck in the final stretch!!!!

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