Seeking Vendor Advice: Looking for a Custom Jeweler

Collin has a very specific request for his wedding band: he wants his engagement ring recreated in a more durable, wearer-friendly metal (the six-dollar original has finally started to leave rust on his skin), and he wants a second band in a shinier, prettier metal intertwined with it.

Here’s his engagement ring (sorry the photo is blurry; I could only get him to “pose” for the photo by sneaking up on him when he was on the stationary bicycle):

He wants a rustic, dull band like that one twisted with a shinier, polished band.  So that the end result sort of resembles this:


I need a reliable, affordable custom jeweler. Our budget is around $500, our wedding is in about five months.  Any suggestions?

11 responses to “Seeking Vendor Advice: Looking for a Custom Jeweler

  1. I know I’ve seen a couple of etsy vendors who could do something like that discussed on Offbeat Bride (in the community). Are you a member? If not, I’ll go dig around to see if I can find their names. There is also a jeweler that is an Offbeat Bride and Practical Wedding sponsor that makes me think of this ring.

    I’ll be back later if I can remember who they are.

  2. talk to me!!!!!!

  3. I looked at a lot of rings through but we ultimately went with a local place (that still outsources their custom work).

  4. I had my custom ring done by Emile Jossi at our favorite local (San Diego) jewelery boutique, Noon Designs.

    The owners Nora and Maie are personal friends and Emile was AWESOME to work with, and wildly inexpensive. My rings are here , and as a reference the 18K one with a (conflict-free) diamond was $407, and the two hammered ones on the edges were under $30 each. The crossed one is my engagement ring and Scott won’t tell me where that one is from. Emile created a custom alloy of 18K gold with more copper to make my wedding ring just a little more “gold” against the silver. His idea, no extra charge, amazing. He also had tons of different wisdom about the various “silver colored” metals and their relative strength, whiteness, etc. for Scott’s ring. Highly recommended. You can use my name! Jenny (Lemmons) Magic

  5. HAWT rings!!! Our favorite, and my Collin-with-two-Ls’ absolute man crush, is a local guy here. But I’m sure you could accomplish everything by e-mail. I have already sent three coworkers to him for engagement and wedding rings. The best!!

  6. Sorry I can’t help (wrong side of the Atlantic!) but wanted to wish you good luck with your search!

  7. Those are some of the coolest man-rings I’ve ever seen!

  8. definitely etsy. My ring is thin gold that is twisted and it cost under $100. heres the vendor if that helps:

    good luck!

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