The Postal Service is Weird

My in-laws got their card days before Collins aunt and uncle or grandparents did.  This wouldn’t be so weird if they all didn’t live NEXT DOOR to each other. [Yes, that Collin’s family all lives on the same street says volumes about that clan.]

A friend in California got our Save the Date card three days after I put the postcards in the mail.  A friend in Pittsburgh (where I live, and where the cards were mailed) got hers over a week after that.

What is going on with the postal service? Can I blame my terrible handwriting?


6 responses to “The Postal Service is Weird

  1. Our engagement party invites behaved the same way. People that all lived within one or two streets of each other got their invites a week apart, the furthest away people got theirs first, and some friends didn’t receive them at all.

    You’ve just made me think perhaps I should not have attempted to write with a calligraphy pen.

  2. I never get this either. a friend mailed me a package from Florida to me in Massachusetts and it took 3 months to get to me. The UPS will always astound me, I do not think it is your writing.

  3. I doubt it, however, I have a friend who’s mail NEVER reached me. I never thought it was her handwriting until she hand delivered a card to me that came back to her where the postal worker had circled a horrendously lettered part of the address and wrote a simple “???”

  4. I really believe guys like Newman really run the postal service…I haven’t had a good experience with them for the span of my life so far. Some bitch behind the counter apparently doesn’t understand English only when I’m asking if I have enough postage. Some evil ex-con looking man has no idea how long it’ll take to get there.

    We need a competing postal service…that will drive customer service UP in the USPS, then disband.

  5. I had a similar problem here in England – so whatever the postal service are doing, they’re doing it the world over!!

  6. We ran into the same problem. We had a couple of correctly addressed invitations come back to us three times and eventually just hand delivered them ourselves. The strangest thing was when a couple of our RSVP cards – our return address handwritten in large letters – were returned to our guests! We ended up sending email back up invitations along with a “We’re sorry, the snails ate your RSVP.”

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