Best Thank You Card Ever

Bridal Hootenanny-member Megan has alerted me to the greatest achievement in stationery since the invention of recycled paper:

Best thank you card in the history of politeness.

Sadly, the cards sell at 6/$16, so they will not be a part of the HitchDied Wedding stationary suite.

But all you unlimited-budget engaged people out there (you exist, right? Somewhere?) need to live the dream for me and use these thank you cards.


6 responses to “Best Thank You Card Ever

  1. OMG WANT!

    Love that it’s T.Hanks circa Bachelor Party and not Da Vinci Code.

    so much cooler.

  2. Aw, that’s brilliant! It looks like the poster for Big to me. Would it be weird if you bought them to give to other people to use as thank you cards to be given back to yourself? The thing with thank you cards for other people is that you don’t get to keep them anyway…

  3. They sell these cards somewhere in Pittsburgh. It’s where I bought my sexy Hall & Oates card (Hall: “Your kiss is on my list.” Oates: “Do me in the butt. That’s on MY list.” Sorry, Collin’s mom, it’s very funny!!!) I will try to remember where I bought it.


  5. so fantastic. I want everyone to do nice things for me so I can send them this.

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