The New

Please join me in welcoming to the Internet, which strives to be everything that HitchDied was on, only even better.

A lot of engaged-types have lingering worries about the post-wedding time, from “will we still bang?” “will I miss the excitement of planning?” “Where will my crafting energy go?” “How will I write all these thank you cards?” My big worry? “What will I do with my blog?”

I’m still not entirely clear on the answer to that question.  I know that I will still have things to say about my wedding and weddings generally for quite a few months. And then I will have things to say about being married and trying to be a grown up that will tap into the same honesty+jokes atmosphere of HitchDied the pure-wedding blog.  As I prepare for that transition, there is one thing I’m certain of: “I want to own it.”

So HitchDied is now at, with the full archive of the old site and its comments intact. If I figure out the back end stuff properly, the old site should start redirecting to the new one, but you’ll definitely want to resubscribe to the RSS and update your links to keep your access to my Incredibly Important Observations on Wedding Culture uninterrupted.

Thanks for taking a few seconds to make this move with me! Stay tuned for‘s first exclusive post this afternoon. I’m going to review Bridesmaids a week after everyone else did. You know you want it.


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