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Foot Stompin’

This weekend Collin and I went to a party which I put in the party hall of fame.  Some of the fun was sampling expensive beer and whiskeys, but I would say the main thing that made me say over and over, “I’m having such a good time!” was the dancing.  We danced so hard at this party that the force of our foot stompin’ literally knocked stuff off the shelves.  Repeatedly.

I want people to dance like that at my wedding.  Well, I mean, I hope they don’t literally knock things over.  I assume that could get expensive.  But I still hope for some figurative floor shaking/roof raising/structure verbing.

So now I care about finding an awesome DJ, which is something I was pretty unconcerned with earlier.  I have no idea how to accomplish this.  I find myself wishing not for the first time that I had more friends who’ve been married in this area to guide me.

So far the one person I talked to said she liked her DJ because “he pretty much played exactly what we told him to.”  That’s really not going to fly with us.  I do not trust myself to come up with a list of songs that other people will want to dance to.  I can make a list of songs I like, but that has little if anything to do with songs other people like.  Including Collin.  I just asked Collin what kind of music he likes to dance to, and he said and I quote: “Uh… most stuff?  I don’t know.  I don’t know music.  I’ll dance to pretty much anything.”

Which I suppose is true for me too, except for certain songs that make me run from the floor in protest, not because of any actual judgment on their danceability, but more because I find the artist objectionable because they hate women (see, e.g., Katy Perry, UGH), beat women, or if the song just reminds me of regrettable times or people in my life.  I wouldn’t expect any DJ to be able to anticipate my needs (hence the glory of the Do Not Play list, which I look forward to), and it makes me realize that everyone we’ll invite to our wedding will come with their own preferences and Would Not Play baggage, and I can’t possibly cater to them all.

But I want to find a DJ who can be all things to all people!  I want some serious foot stompin’ after I get married!


Oh, the Venues You’ll Tour!

Venues, we looked at ’em.

We started at 9AM, meeting our wedding planner Shannon1 at the Doubletree downtown.  There was an open casting call for a movie about “killer iPods and aliens or something” happening in one of the meeting rooms, so it was very busy for 9AM. I’m going to break this down into bulleted pluses and minuses:

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Movie Review: The Wedding Singer

It is one of the eternal debates: Batman or Superman? Chocolate or Vanilla? Beatles or Stones?

Band or deejay?

Perhaps The Wedding Singer will help us decide.


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Idea For Someone Who Is Not Me

Someone who is not me (someone who could be reasonably expected to waltz with their intended spouse) should totally do their first dance to  “Married Life” from the Up score. [Grab tissues and watch!]

The song is sort of long, so I recommend combining the first dance and the “which couple has been married the longest” dance. [You may remind those long-married couples and everyone thinking about how cute they are of the grim specter of death, but as I intimated yesterday, there nothing like the threat of mortality to get people partying.]

You’re welcome.